David Schwimmer



Rachel and Monica find themselves in a condom condundrum.

Ross meets the only person that checked out his book from the library...and ends up *doing* what he was so adamant against in the first place. Hypocrite.

Ross finally confronts Rachel about getting a goodbye but doesn't expect what he's about to hear.

Joey and Chandler find a more fun way to pack. Don't try this at home kiddies - you'll only have yourself to blame.

After turning up late, the 'floating heads' plea with Monica to let them in to enjoy Thanksgiving together - after all it's a date for forgiveness right? - plus Joey gets his head stuck in the door.

Phoebe reckons Ross still loves Rachel so what does he do to dissuade her? He asks Rachel to move in with him. Good one.

Phoebe hails a taxi for Rachel while she talks to Ross about him not getting the annulment.

It's the morning after the night before when Ross and Rachel wake up next to each other and they can't remember a thing, except that they laughed a lot.

Turns out Ross didn't get the annulment. Oops

Rachel may exchange gifts sometimes but she keeps the things that matter - including 1 million year old dinosaur fossils.