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Get Comedy Central

You might think we’re just a bunch of chancers having a bit of a fart around on the internet, but guess what - we’re a proper company with a TV channel and everything.

That’s right, the same brand of nonsense we produce online is also available piped in directly to your TV screens, only with proper production values and lots of beautiful actor people.

As well as the endlessly brilliant Friends, we’ve got all manner of great US shows, like South Park, The Middle, Two and a Half Men, The US Office and The Daily Show, and a bunch of our own original creations which are screaming down the pipeline as we speak. Not to mention more funny British stand-ups that you can shake a stick at.

Actually that’s probably not true, providing you have a stick, a lot of time on your hands and home addresses for the likes of Kevin Bridges, Michael McIntrye and Lee Evans. Though we’d still recommend keeping your stick to yourself.

So now you know where the party’s at, here’s how you can get involved:
Comedy Central 112
Comedy Central Extra 128
Comedy Central HD 222
Comedy Central 132
Comedy Central HD 181
Comedy Central Extra 182
Comedy Central 417 | 856


And also available on:
Wight Cable
Newtel Solutions
Small World
Chorus NTL
Magnet Entertainment