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Privacy Policy

The Comedy Central channels and the Comedy Central Website (being (the “Website”) are owned and operated by the Paramount UK Partnership (“Comedy Central”) of 17-29 Hawley Crescent, London, NW1 8TT.

This Privacy Policy sets out how we use any personal data that you give us, such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address.

Comedy Central will use any personal data collected from the Website in accordance with all laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data including the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Data Protection Act”). Further details on the Data Protection Act can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website (

Personal Data: Should you enter a competition on the Website, any personal data you provide shall be dealt with in accordance with General Competition Terms and Conditions (or as detailed in any terms specific to such competition should they conflict with the General Competition Terms and Conditions).

Should you subscribe to any marketing communications (including newsletters) or otherwise agree to receive information from Comedy Central or third parties your data will be dealt with as follows:

Your data will be used for those purposes detailed at the point of submission of the data ("the Purposes") (in this case the data may be transferred to other entities should such transfer be necessary in order to carry out the Purposes, including entities in the United States of America (“US”)) in accordance with this Policy.

Should you participate in any Forum on the Website ("the Forum") your data will be dealt with as follows:

Your data will be used for the purposes of administration, monitoring and functioning of the Forum. You may be contacted by Comedy Central in connection with and/or in respect of your use of the Forum. Your username may be published in association with any information and/or comments you post on the Forum. Your data may be transferred to other entities should such transfer be necessary for the administration and/or functioning of the Forum in accordance with this Policy.

Information can be passed to Comedy by Social Project Inc when you join Comedy Central’s online communities from another community within the Social Project Network (see our “Online Communities and Social Project” section below and the Social Project Privacy Policy for more details on this).

In addition and with your consent, Comedy Central (and if applicable, our partners or other trusted parties) may use your data for certain marketing, market research, analysis and related purposes. Comedy Central’s on-screen notices will ask for your explicit permission (often by way of a tick box) for such additional purposes.

You have the right to access your data held by Comedy Central and, where necessary, to have it amended. You may also at any time e-mail Comedy Central at or write to us at the address below, in order to unsubscribe from any of Comedy Central’s internet services and to request that Comedy Central delete your data.

Website Enquiries
Comedy Central
180 Oxford Street

The Website contains links to other sites that are completely unrelated to Comedy Central. This Privacy Policy does not apply to these sites nor are we responsible for the content and practices of these websites.

Please be advised that countries outside the European Union (“EU”) may have a lower standard of protection for personal information than that required by the Data Protection Act. If it is necessary to transfer your data to a company based outside the EU (e.g. for the purpose of completing a contract for fulfilment of a prize), then Comedy Central will make every effort to ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act, as implementing the EU Directive of the Protection of Personal Data (95/46/EC), and any other Act or Acts replacing or modifying such Act for the time being in force, through the implementation of an agreement ensuring adequate protection of personal data.

Please be advised that your personal data may be transferred to and processed by our affiliates in the US. These affiliates comply with the US – EU Safe Harbor principles, which govern how your personal data is protected once it has been transferred to the US. Please see the (Safe Harbor Privacy Policy). for detailed information on these affiliates’ privacy practices.

Where your personal information is transferred from the EU to an international third party, Comedy Central will ensure that the third party subscribes to the Safe Harbor principles, operates in a country that the EU has deemed to provide adequate privacy protection, is itself subject to the EU Data Privacy Directive or has entered into a written agreement requiring the third party to provide at least the same level of privacy protection as the Safe Harbor principles.

By entering any competitions, subscribing to any marketing communications (including any newsletters), participating in any Forum on the Website, joining Comedy Central’s online communities from another community within the Social Project Network or submitting any other personal data to Comedy Central by any means, you consent to your personal data being handled in accordance with the Safe Harbor principles.

System Checks:

In order to ensure that Comedy Central only presents you with information and content that your hardware can handle we may check to see what software, plug-ins and connection settings you have.

The data collected on the Website includes:

IP Addresses

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are automatically logged by our web server. IP addresses are used to observe your interest in this Website (e.g. number of visits, etc.)


Please refer to our Cookie Policy.

Online Communities and Social Project

All of our online communities and your member profiles for those communities are powered, hosted and administered by Social Project Inc (“Social Project”) which is a company based in the United States that operates a website at and a global network of online social communities (“Social Project Network”).

When you submit your information to join any of our communities you automatically register with both that community and directly with Social Project in the US. The use by us of your registered information shall be in accordance with this Privacy Policy whereas the use by Social Project of your information is governed by the Social Project Privacy Policy and US law. By registering with, using and participating in any of our communities you therefore acknowledge and consent to the submission, collection, transfer, storage, and processing of your information to and in the US.

Once you are registered with any of our online communities you may easily join any other community within the Social Project Network by simply clicking the join button within that website. On joining that other community your user profile information will be automatically transferred by Social Project to that other community. You may also be required to provide additional information and/or consents. Please note that the use of your information by the operator of that community (which may be in a different country) will be subject its privacy policy (which you should review) and shall be governed by the local laws of its country and we shall have no responsibility for this.

Your member profiles within the Social Project Network are public (unless made private) as are postings to any of our communities which can be indexed by third-party search engines and appear in search results on third-party web sites. You should therefore exercise caution when disclosing information in your profile or elsewhere on any of our communities.

Comedy Central has taken steps to ensure that your data is secure, including limiting the number of people who have physical access to our database servers, as well as electronic security systems and password protections that guard against unauthorised access.

Other than as provided in this Policy, Comedy Central will only transfer your data to another entity if you have agreed that Comedy Central may make such a transfer or if the transfer is necessary as part of a transfer of all of or a substantial part of the business of Comedy Central.

This Privacy Policy may change at any time, so you may wish to check it each time you visit our Website.

This Privacy Policy was last updated in September 2012.