Parents embarrass their children 14 times a week, a study revealed today to mark the start of new sitcom The Millers premiering on Comedy Central UK tonight at 9.30pm.

Researchers found that 71% of kids in the UK admit to being regularly embarrassed by their parents with the average youngster left red-faced by their comments, fashion sense and even the car they drive more than twice a day.

The study of 2,000 children, aged 10-17, found that an unlucky one in 10 even claim they have to put up with their mum or dad’s embarrassing behaviour at least five times per day.

And one in five are so ashamed of their parents, they avoid inviting friends over when they know mum or dad is at home, while one in ten completely ignore them when they are out in public together.

It also emerged that Prime Minister David Cameron has formed an embarrassing dad coalition with a surprising Osbourne as he and wild rocker, Ozzy, topped the poll of most cringe inducing fathers. Jonathan Ross, Peter Andre and Jeremy Clarkson complete the top five.

New mum for the fourth time, Katie Price, who has only recently given birth to Jett Riviera, has been named the most embarrassing celebrity mum closely followed by loud mouthed Loose Woman, Dense Welsh, Ozzy’s partner in mortification, X-Factor’s straight talking Sharon Osbourne, Atomic Kitten’s Kerry Katona and newborn North West’s Mum, Kim Kardashian.

A spokesperson for Comedy Central UK said: ‘’I’m sure every child has been left embarrassed by their parents’ behaviour at some stage, but it’s staggering to see that it’s such a regular occurrence. It just shows that Nathan and Debbie in The Millers are not alone.

‘’In many cases, I’m sure mum or dad aren’t trying to be embarrassing, but it is surprising that some believe their parents are actually going out of their way to embarrass them, particularly when they are in front of their friends.

“Chances are the youngsters who are red-faced now will one day be doing the same things that embarrass them to their own children!”

The most embarrassing parents were to be found in Portsmouth with 42% admitting to being the source of humiliation for their offspring followed by Gloucester with 33%, Norwich and Cambridge with 32%, Newcastle and York with 31%.

Kids are most embarrassed by the things their parents say with one third of children cringing at their parents’ music tastes while another one in three is ashamed by their dance moves.

Using childhood nicknames, uploading photos to Facebook and wearing old-fashioned clothes are also on the list.

But while some find their embarrassing parents funny or endearing, a quarter are so ashamed of their mum or dad that they make them drop them off around the corner so their friends don’t see and 16% even refuse to be given lifts at all.

One in 20 have even pretended they don’t know their parents if they go out in public together and more than a third admit they used to, or still do, refuse to be seen in public with one or both of their cringe-worthy parents.

It also emerged that 72% reckon their parents enjoy embarrassing them, with 65 per cent believing their mum or dad will only continue their awkward behaviour as they grow older.

But 41% admit it works both ways, and say there are times where they have left their parents red-faced instead.

The Millers premieres on Monday 14 October at 9.30pm on Comedy Central - Sky 112 / Virgin 132

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