Mark Watson is to front a new £8million TV advertising campaign for Magners Pear cider.
He has recorded three adverts in which he gives stand-up rants about disappointing claims he’s encountered in life, including a hamburger billed as a gigantaburger and a romantic comedy promoted as the ‘funniest film of the decade’.
The strapline to the campaign, which launches tonight, is: ‘Magners Pear: 100% Pear 0% Disappointment.’
As well as the TV ads, Watson, who was chosen to represent ‘the voice of the people’ will post a weekly video rant on the Magners website.
The campaign could provide a major career boost for the Mock The Week star, since adverts for John Smith’s lager have been credited for helping propel Jack Dee and Peter Kay into the comedy A-list.
Magners has been one of the biggest sponsors of comedy in recent years, supporting the Glasgow and Brighton comedy festivals, among others.

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