Michael McIntyre has been named by GQ magazine as Comedian of the Year

The glossy mens' mag held their annual Men Of The Year award ceremony at the Royal Opera House last night, celebrating various chaps (in actual fact 22 men, one woman and one television series) that have helped define 2009.

The magazine described McIntyre as "a stand-up famous solely for his live work", whose most recent live DVD becoming the fastest-selling stand-up debut ever, selling more than 650,000 copies, while also managing to sell out Wembley five times and the O2 three times.

Another winner of the night was star of Little Britain David Walliams, who was awarded the Most Stylish Man and described as "cosmopolitan cool, the smartest comedian since Peter Sellers"

So what do we think? McIntyre as comedian of the year? Well, there's not denying the man's achievments and he's a solid comedian but he's not exactly pushing the boundaries of comedy.

With acts like Stewart Lee or Daniel Kitson or even lesser-known comics such as Ed Aczel or Will Andrews constantly taking live comedy to new levels, McIntyre's rather forced observational humour doesn't really, ahem, stand up.

Maybe he should have been given the award for "Most Successful Comedian Of The Year."

As for Walliams, well, his suits are often very nice...

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