Star of The Office Rainn Wilson is to star in a brand new superhero movie.

The appropriately titled Super sees Wilson playing an everyday guy called Frank D'Arbo who adopts the pseudo-super alter-ego of the Crimson Bolt, and beats up his enemies with a massive spanner. Seriously.

As you may have guessed it's a comedy. It's being wirtten and directed by James Gunn, who previously made the excellent sci-fi horror comedy Slither.

Apparently the motivation for D'Arbo's turn to crime fighting emerges when his wife Sarah (played by Liv Tyler) leaves him for a charming drug dealer

.The movie also stars Juno actress Ellen Page as a "young sociopath who dons a costume and forces herself into Frank’s life as his “kid sidekick”, according to Gunn's website.

Gunn also describes the movie as "not a wacky, over-the-top comedy. Super is a dark, comedic, gritty, very unusual, and grounded film... "

"Okay, so, yes, this is a movie about superheroes. But what it’s really about is love, violence, perseverance, and faith."

"It’s not a spoof. It’s an examination of what it means to try to be something more than human. I think of it as The Passion for rebels, oddballs, fanboys, and freaks everywhere."

"I’ve never been more excited or committed to any project in my life, and I can’t wait to share more with you all."

Well there you have it. If you want a taste of Gunn's warped style, go and rent slither on DVD. It's a bit of a grisly cult gem.

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