Hugh Laurie has told The People that he is determined to return to Britain to team up with his old pal Stephen Fry once more.

House star Laurie said: "We'll definitely be doing more Fry and Laurie. We used to talk about doing something like a stage review.

"Stand-up comedy is a massive industry now but actual sketch comedy on stage I don't think anyone is really doing that now, and that's something we thought we would try and do."

Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry made their mark on the comedy landscape 20 years ago in A Bit of Fry and Laurie and soon became one of Britain’s most beloved comedic pairings.

Laurie has been enjoying success stateside now for 5 years playing the cane-wielding doctor House.

He has been nominated for an Emmy award and is now in the top 10 wealthiest earners in US television reportedly earning $250,000 an episode. Wowza!

When talking about his American accent on the show Laurie "I have to think about every word I say."

"Not even just the words. I heard the other day that I had been criticised on the internet for laughing in a British accent.”

Come back home, Hugh we miss you!

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