An episode of South Park due to be aired in Mexico was pulled at the last minute on Monday night causing outcry amongst Mexican South Park fans.

The ‘Pinewood Derby’ episode was heavily publicised in the run up to its broadcast but was pulled at the last minute to be replaced by an episode already aired.

The episode portrays Mexico’s president as a leader who wastes funds and aggravates the international community but the BBC learn that MTV Mexico did not get a special permit needed to broadcast the image of Mexico’s flag which is seen in the same scene as the president.

The president also shares a striking resemblance to current leader Felipe Calderon

The country has strict regulations regarding the use of its flag and the broadcast of its image which can lead to a fine from the government if improperly used.

A blogger at MexaBlog wondered: “Has it been censored by the Mexican government?”

Erick Zermeno, spokesperson for MTV Mexico, said that they had decided to pull the entire episode instead of trying to cover the flag artificially to avoid a possible fine from the government but thought that the decision to tamper with the image would have caused a worse reaction. 

“We decided not to alter the image because the reaction would have been worse” he commented and told the BBC that the episode would air once the permit was granted.

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