David Mitchell has slammed the BBC following its decision to bar its newsreaders from appearing on its own comedy quizshow The Bubble.

The BBC show which isolates three celebrities and asks them to distinguish real and fake news stories from the past week has been boycotted by BBC News over fears that people may think the stories are real.

Digital Spy reports that the BBC decided that it won’t endorse its reporters (which ironically included Nick Robinson who featured in the pilot) to feature in the show – even though Fiona Bruce was spotted in a fake news clip shown on EastEnders Live: The Aftermath on Friday.

Mitchell mentioned the farce during the show saying: “Big round of applause for those guys. Apparently it would undermine BBC News because if they turned on, saw something ridiculous with The Bubble in the corner, they’d think it was a BBC News story”.

An insider told The Independent: “They saw the words ‘fake clips’ and hit the panic button. There is a climate of fear and they are running scared in case they make a mistake. But there has been a total sense of humour failure.”

The Bubble had to turn to ITV and Sky News to provide them with pretend clips for the show.

“We’ve had to modify our plans, but that’s production plans. The BBC does not act like an entity, it acts like a war federation”

You can’t help but laugh really.  The public aren’t that stupid, guys!

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