Frankie Boyle is once again in the critical firing line after the comedian touched a nerve with one of his Down’s syndrome jokes.

Last week Sharon Smith, the mother of a five-year-old girl with Down’s syndrome criticised the comedian after watching his live show I Would Happily Punch Every One of You in the Face from the front row.

Smith told BBC Radio Five Live’s Victoria Derbyshire that she had been very much enjoying the show until his jokes became a little too close to home.

“He made fun of their parents being old and out of touch, he made fun of the way people with Down’s syndrome speak.

“He made a number of references to people with Down’s syndrome dying early”

A fan of Boyle, Smith continued; “OK, he can be cutting, but he will often be using his humour to make a point, whereas the type of jokes he was making about people with Down’s syndrome I don’t see there was any point being made.”

She also wrote on her blog: “I told him that my five-year-old daughter has Down’s syndrome and that I was simply upset at some of his jokes.

“He tried to laugh it off – ‘Ah, but it’s all true isn’t it? Everything I have said is true isn’t it?’ To which I replied ‘No, it wasn’t’.”

Susannah Seyman from the Down’s syndrome Association responded to the story saying: “Clever comedy should challenge the stereotypes and preconceptions that people hold of minority groups.

“Sadly Frankie Boyle’s recent routine about people with Down’s syndrome was neither clever nor intellectually challenging.”

Last year Boyle was embroiled in various media curfuffles after comments he made about Olympian Rebecca Adlington’s appearance and even comments made about the Queen!

So far Boyle has refused to comment although during the gig he did say it was the most excruciating moment of his career.  Good job he’s quitting stand-up then!

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