The BBC Trust’s editorial standards committee has made an official apology over a joke Frankie Boyle made on the Radio 4 show Political Animal back in 2008.

A person complained when on the comedy show, the comedian compared the state of Palestine to cake “being punched to pieces by a very angry Jew”.

After the BBC complaints unit responded in December 2008, agreeing that the comment was “inappropriate and offensive”, the complainant was still unhappy and took it higher to the BBC Trust.

BBC News reports that the ESC has now responded “saying it endorsed the earlier finding about the use of the word ‘Jew’” and “as a result, the committee wished to apologise to the complainant on behalf of the BBC for any offence the remark may have caused him and other listeners to the programme.”

The committee was satisfied “that the breach, while serious, did not require an apology or correction from the BBC online or on air.

“In conclusion, the committee stated that it was very sorry that the breach of editorial standards had occurred in this case, but was satisfied that no further action was required.”

Frankie’s taste for controversial comedy got him in trouble once again only recently after a woman complained over a Down’s syndrome remark he made on his stand-up tour. 

He’ll never learn.  But then again we wouldn’t want him to!

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