Graham Norton has revealed that he has been toning down his jokes for his BBC One chatshow.

To his fans this probably doesn’t come as a shock.  Although similar to the format of his Channel 4 chat show So Graham Norton, The Graham Norton Show has notably fallen in line with a more ‘reserved’ BBC attitude...long gone are the days of granny’s winning sex toys!

Norton told Radio Times that the BBC Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand ‘Sachsgate’ scandal didn’t affect his style of comedy.  (In fact it’s probably done him a favour – Norton steps into Ross’ shoes on his Saturday morning Radio 2 show in October.)

Norton said: “We were lucky because we’d already started toning it down for a few years before that. There had been a shift. Audiences actually don’t want to push it too far or to be too crude.

“We’re very self-policing and we do it in front of a live audience so we get a very clear sense of what they do and don’t like. We did a lot of jokes over the years that were ‘victim’ jokes and we’ve tried to wean ourselves off those.”

He added: “Audiences don’t find Amy Winehouse funny anymore because now it’s the walking wounded. Something bad is going to happen; everyone has that sense.

“And so, although she could be a very useful punchline, we avoid it. And people don’t find Jordan funny either. There’s a weird respect for what she’s done with her life.”

Very weird.

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