Frankie Boyle has managed to offend people - again - this time touching a nerve over the Cumbria shootings.

Just one day after Derrick Bird murdered 12 people, Boyle told his audience that after many conversations with taxi drivers he ‘could understand’ why someone would want to shoot them in the head.

The Daily Mail has jumped on Frankie Boyle’s case again finding shocked audience member Tim Weaver: “I was shocked” he said “I think most people were taken aback. It wasn’t at all funny.

“The joke was something along the lines of, ‘I’ve had so many conversations with taxi drivers that I knew what it feels like to want to shoot them in the head’.

“There wasn’t much laughter – I think it took a few seconds for people to realise what he was talking about and most couldn’t quite believe it.”

Notoriously offensive, a paying audience shouldn’t be surprised what escapes the mouth of this comedian who’s taste in comedy is somewhat black at the night. (In his set he also included material about Baby P and Madeline McCann.)

Recently the BBC apologised on behalf of Boyle after a joke he made about Palestine and he also found himself in the firing line after a comment about Down’s Syndrome.

So how soon is too soon? A day after?  Maybe. Let us know your thoughts below…

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