Stand-up comedian Jack Whitehall has been caught in public readying himself for a line of cocaine.

Whitehall, 21, had just attended the Parklife music festival in Manchester and was caught going for a line, bold as brass, on a busy high street before heading on to a nightclub. Stealthy.

A witness told the News of the World: “He didn’t seem to care who saw him. He was sitting in the street balancing his BlackBerry on his knee and tipping the cocaine on to it before snorting it up his nose.

“His eyes were glazed, he looked a mess – he’d been out at a festival all day and was totally and utterly wrecked”

A regular Mock the Week and 8 Out of 10 Cats panellist, Whitehall is due to feature in Channel 4’s new topical comedy show Stand Up For the Week this Friday alongside Patrick Kielty, Kevin Bridges, Rich Hall and Andi Osho.

However Channel 4 has stuck by him after he apologised saying: “Although I don’t wish to say anything specific about the picture and the events of that night, my behaviour recently has not been up to the standard of what those who know me well would expect.

“I know I have let myself and my family down. I am committed to putting it right, and I hope people will not pass judgement on me too readily in the meantime.”

While we would never condone illegal drug use, if they sacked every performer for doing that there would be no one on the telly, but come on Jack, show a little discretion.

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