Christina Applegate has founded a brand new cancer charity.

Right Action for Women will launch in September aimed at helping at-risk women who can’t afford “proper preventative care”.

A breast cancer survivor herself, the Samantha Who? star told WENN: “It’s a programme giving financial aid to high-risk women who can’t afford to get MRIs, which is how I found my cancer.

“It’s unfortunate that insurance companies [in America] don’t cover the cost of that. It’s such an incredible device because you can find it at an early detection stage. We started our pilot programme and started helping women already, even though we aren’t launched.

“The other aspect of the programme is to do genetic counselling and help women understand what being high-risk means, and understanding what foods are good for their bloods and how to prevent this disease from happening. That has been my mission.”

Last week the Anchorman actress also announced she was pregnant with her first child.  Happy times!


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