Holly Walsh has praised comedy panel shows for being a great way of showcasing new comedians.

Lately there’s been the impression that there are far too many panel shows on TV at the moment.

Off the top of my head I can think of Mock The Week, Have I Got News For You, 8 Out of 10 Cats, QI, Would I Lie To You?, We Need Answers, You Have Been Watching, The Bubble, and even Shooting Stars and Never Mind the Buzzcocks which all probably available to watch at some point on telly during week.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Walsh commented on whether panel shows had a negative effect on the comedy landscape:

‘I can only speak for myself, and I really enjoy doing panel shows. I love writing jokes and I love the fact that you can’t rely on your old material - you have to come up with new stuff.

‘I quite enjoy watching them. There are stand-up shows, but they’re usually tried and tested people, and I think panel shows are quite a good way of showcasing new comedians.’

She added: ‘On Mock The Week they’ve had Seann Walsh and Andi Osho, who are really good new people coming through, and I think it’s really good to have that opportunity to do it.’

‘When you do TV stuff it’s not like you go in there and have to be brilliant. You do have to be really good, but the way to learn how to deal with that kind of thing is just by doing it.’

Are there too many panel shows at the moment? Share your thoughts below.

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