Absolutely Fabulous’ Joanna Lumley has been talking about her co-stars for the forthcoming Sports Relief special.

The show is exercise-themed as is the nature of Sports Relief – though we have yet to get off our sofa yet if we’re being totally honest.

We’re imagining some kind of Juicy Couture tracksuit featuring alongside a who’s who of celebrities including Kate Moss (who will actually speak), male supermodel David Gandy, designer Stella McCartney and the thinnest hair in pop, aka Emma Bunton. To represent sport, you’ll get cameos from Linford Christie and Colin Jackson.

But what she say about Kate Moss, we hear you ask!? Speaking to The Sun, Joanna Lumley said, ‘It's not every day we get to see Eddy and Patsy in close proximity to a treadmill, so make the most of it. Some real superstars have been hauled in to appear with us in this sketch so we're hugely grateful. Kate slotted into the Ab Fab sketch a treat.

’It was brilliant to have her and all the other guest stars involved, to give Ab Fab that bit of Sport Relief magic.’

Read into that what you will (though she could’ve literally read it off a press release) but Kate Moss added, ‘I had a great day working with the Ab Fab team - Jennifer and Joanna were so much fun. Sport Relief does such a great job, I am always really happy to support them.’

Which she could’ve probably read off a press release.

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