Cops (that’s American for police) rushed to Two and a Half Men man Ashton Kutcher’s Hollywood home on Wednesday, after receiving a report it was being robbed. According to TMZ, they were contacted by a woman who claimed she’d locked herself in Ashton’s toilet as several Russian men with weapons robbed the house. Wasn’t that the plot to Rocky III? Or was it Police Academy VII?

Anyway, in true Hollywood fashion, police and TV crews were soon jostling for space outside Ashton’s manor. Eventually, three men came out with their hands up, baby, hands up and were taken away for questioning. Hooray, one-nil to the LAPD. Or so we thought, because shortly afterwards the plot got thicker than a particularly thick bowl of porridge made from cement.

Things started to smell a bit fishy when the girl hiding in the toilet turned out to be, well, not hiding in the toilet. In fact, there was no sign of her at all. And the three men that came out of the house? They were actually workers doing up Ashton’s pad. Lord knows what they must have thought – one minute they’re wallpapering the Jacuzzi (or something), the next they’re America’s most wanted.

So what really happened? Well, it turns out it was all a hoax. Yes, someone had Punk'd the original Punker by making a hoax 911 (that’s American for 999) call. In other words, they’d made the whole thing up. According to cops, this is known as ‘swatting’, where someone calls the police to report a completely made-up but serious crime.

But what you’re all dying to know is where was Ashton when this all went down? You’ll be pleased to hear he was blissfully unaware of the whole thing as he was busy filming more episodes of Two and a Half Men. Just for you.

And now, to celebrate Ashton’s home being free from Russian robbers, here’s a clip from the latest series. Honestly, we’re not swatting you.

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