The hardest working and possibly oldest woman in comedy, Betty White has gone and added a new something to her ‘to-do’ list: she’s gone and joined Twitter.

She signed up on 10th April with a ‘Hello Twitter! And they said it would never happen. Oh wait, that was me’.

The cynic in us may think that she joined Twitter just to alert fans to her new show Betty White's Off Their Rockers but seriously, we love Betty too much to care.

She’s now squeezed out a massive ten tweets, including ones at Justin Bieber, Piers Morgan and Ryan Seacrest, so don’t hold your breath for any great insight into her Hollywood world – hey, we’ve seen those ads on TV she does for California – but we still applaud the huge achievement that this is.

Our mum doesn’t even know how to programme her video… yep, she’s still using one.

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