Everything is seemingly getting remade except Birds of a Feather. This is the ‘bad news’ part of the story.

We are bereft.

Pauline Quirke, one of said birds with feathers, was quizzed about the show on This Morning and was asked – da-da-daaaa – if there would be any chance of a new series.

She said, ‘The BBC have never approached us.’

Other bird with feathers, actress Linda Robson said: ‘Fingers crossed, that'd be lovely!’

And final bird with feathers Lesley Joseph added, ‘We'd love to do it.’

That’s the bad (or no) news though we understand you may have different feelings.

The good news is that you could actually see the miracle of Birds of a Feather live in a theatre near your good self as they are putting the show on the road.

Speaking about the tour, Linda Robson said: ‘We worried about the script - we got a script through that we weren't really happy with.

’Then we got the original writers back on board and they came up with a fantastic script.’

Phew. Maybe you’d like to treat yourself to a packet of Rolo’s and check it out when the Birds of a Feather tour kicks off in Leatherhead on 1st March.

If you are able to make it, please, please, please tell us what it’s like. We’re looking for something to do with our mum around Mother’s Day and there’s nothing quite like the gift of a theatre ticket (and guaranteed two-hours without an ear-bashing).

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