Frankie Boyle can add AIDS and cancer charities to his list of haters now after angering them in his latest Tramadol Nights show.

Already under investigation by Ofcom after his joke about Katie Price’s son Harvey, Frankie has now attracted the attention of AIDS campaigners for saying sufferers caught the disease by having sex with monkeys as well as cancer charities for making a joke about a deceased friend who had breast cancer.

The Mirror writes that a Breast Cancer Care spokeswoman said: ‘It’s unlikely that the 120 people diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK today will find it funny’ whilst AIDS campaigners described him as ‘crass’.

Frankie’s comedy certainly divides the nation with many people of the opinion: ‘Don’t like him, don’t watch him’.

Channel 4 have already said they are defending the right for comedians to push boundaries and that they appropriately give ‘clear and strong warnings’ before the programme.

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