Forget Robocop. The future is cardboard. Police in Bangalore, India, have been experimenting with cardboard cut-out officers with impressive results. The cardboard cops don’t need pay, will work long hours and don't need to be sustained by an endless supply of doughnuts. People kill their speed when they see one, or simply dump the vehicle and run off to obey some laws.

There are many ways in which the static coppers are better than real life police. They can't take bribes, abuse their position or do a racism. Nor can they beat people up, simply for resisting being beaten up.

Drivers have even stopped for a chat, which should indicate a certain level of intoxication incompatible with vehicular control. However, it's not been an unblemished success story. While they can work long into the night, one appears to have gone missing after dark. There is a suspicion that some ne'er do well has stolen him, though we'd like to think there's a more rational explanation, like he went home, went on strike or decided to visit a prostitute.

Police in the UK are considering rolling out the recyclable law officers in a bid to reduce costs and increase the number of hours officers spend sitting down, drinking tea and talking about the old days. While the statuesque rozzers are unable to physically chase criminals, do paperwork or thoroughly investigate crime, experts say they’ll fit right in. Many are expected to rise through the ranks to senior positions, before retiring with a fat pension and a knighthood.

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