Charlie Sheen has been talking to some American TV star called Matt Lauer about the forthcoming sitcom, Anger Management.

Which is starting to have more coverage than a common or garden edition of Britain’s Got Talent.

Talking about his character, he’s revealed, ‘He's flawed. He's an ex-ball player who had anger issues, whose career ended because of an incident…trying to break a bat, you know, didn't go well. He's a guy that just wants to give something back.’

We’re trying to draw some kind of parallel but we’re finding it hard.

In other news, he talked about pulling himself out of last year, drinking and Ashton Kutcher. If you put some of those words into Google, you’ll find the video which we’re not allowed to show here for some reason.

But talking about where he’ll be a year from now, he says, ‘It’ll be the same only better.’

We punch the air with joy.

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