The IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd’s Hollywood breakthrough moment was in Bridesmaids and with all the talk about the sequel, he’s only gone and added his twopenneth.

He told BBC News, ‘I've seen a lot of the guys since, but I honestly haven't heard anything about it. I think personally it might be best to leave it.’

Following on from Kristen Wiig’s and Melissa McCarthy’s comments , it’s looking increasingly unlikely.

Chris O’Dowd is currently in the frame as he’s been nominated for a BAFTA Rising Star gong, he says, ‘It's nice to know that, seven years on, I'm still 'on the rise.’

That’s showbiz for you.

Talking about Bridesmaids now, he says, ‘When we were filming, I knew what we were doing was funny - but I didn't see what the rest of the girls were up to because all of my scenes were just with Kristen.

‘It wasn't until I watched it for the first time that I realised how funny it was.’

‘It's definitely opened doors for me.

‘The only little problem is that it led to an awful lot of offers just to do rom-coms, none of which were as good as Bridesmaids.’

‘So I was conscious of trying to veer away from that, the easy transition of taking a bigger part in a big rom-com. I wanted to try and go off and write and produce and do a musical - all the kind of things people wouldn't necessarily expect.’

As a result, his next project is a sitcom he’s written called Moone Boy, which is based on his childhood in Ireland and is currently filming for Sky. Stand by…

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