They’ve been on before – Alan Moore and Mark Gatiss in the same room together.

Download the Christmas Utter Shambles with Mark Gatiss and Alan Moore here.

A pure delight to listen to, Robin, Josie , Mark and Alan nosh on some mince pies, flick though the festive Radio Times and talk about what’s on the telly this Christmas.

Naturally, that doesn’t last for long and we end up finding out their favourite Christmas horror movies and why the Frozen Planet polar bear furore makes Mark ‘incandescent with rage’.

We also hear a very good reason why Alan won’t join the digital age and discover the strange effect his local zebra crossings have on him.

Word of the podcast: ‘mimophant’.

In case you missed them, recent Utter Shambles have included Tim Key, Tim Minchin and Monty Python’s Terry Jones!

Merry Christmas from the Utter Shambles team!

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