The line-up of ‘arts’-related activities has been announced for the Olympics.

They’re calling it the London 2012 Festival and it’s a 12-week arts festival, the climax of the four-year Cultural Olympiad with 12,000 events taking place. Sorry to use the word climax.

And there’s even a splash of comedy in there for people who enjoy laughing.

At a launch at the Tower of London, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt is promising us everything ‘from Beethoven to Jay-Z; from Shakespeare to Mike Leigh; from Stephen Fry to Wallace and Gromit.’ And when he says Beethoven, it’s not the film about the St Bernards dog.

From a comedy perspective, there’s going to be Playing the Games, a two-week "comedic commentary" on the Games at London's Criterion Theatre, curated by Stephen Fry.

The events organiser Ruth McKenzie said, ‘It's going to be pretty wild. Stephen has been a huge fan of this Olympics from the bid onwards.’

She added: ‘We always said we'd leave comedy for the end, because comedians aren't so good at telling you two years in advance where they want to be, and they're still not that good which is why we've got pop-up events yet to be announced via the website.’

Elsewhere, comedian Tim Minchin is to perform a gig at Cornwall's Eden Project while Tales of the Riverbank will see a group of comedians travel by canal boat from London to Edinburgh with pop-up performances along the route during July.

We have to admit this is all beginning to look much more exciting than we anticipated: we were worried that Olympics arts programming would mean Cliff Richard's coming up the Thames on an inflatable Yorkshire Pudding.

There are also going to be free tickets. Which is right up there with free drinks for us as an incentive.

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