The Help’s Emma Stone, Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg and Mariah Carey’s hubbie Nick Cannon – he’s famous in America for doing more than her but there you go – are to appear in a new episode for the sixth season of 30 Rock.

In the episode, Jenna, played by Jane Krakowski, stars in a new multi-cast movie in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

Tina Fey told Entertainment Weekly, ‘[It's] a movie from the producers of Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve called Martin Luther King Day.’

'I want to lay claim to that bit before anyone gets it. It's a movie that has everyone in the world in it.'

The trio will appear in a fake trailer for the film in the new series which airs in the States this spring.

They join a long list of A-list guest appearances in the show which include Matt Damon, Nathan Lane, Isabella Rossellini, Whoopi Goldberg, Julianne Moore, Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Sheen, James Franco, Paul Giamatti, Queen Latifah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kelsey Grammer, Robert De Niro and Michael Keaton to name just a few.

We'll quiz you on these as a memory game later.

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