Ofcom has upheld 500 complaints against Frankie Boyle and Channel 4 over the jokes he made about Katie Price’s son Harvey on Tramadol Nights.

The media regulator declared that the comments appeared to ‘target and mock the mental and physical disabilities’ of the child however has not fined or forced the station to apologise BBC News writes.

Channel 4 have said that Boyle’s comedy was not ‘intended as a slur on any particular community’, but that ‘everyone is fair game in Frankie’s eyes’.

They added that Boyle’s comments were made to mock Price’s alledged ‘exploitation of her children for publicity purposes...her behaviour as a mother and her cavalier attitude towards relationships.’

But while Ofcom accepted that Price and ex-husbands Alex Reid and Peter Andre had ‘consciously exposed their and their children’s lives to the media’ and must expect to be the targets of humour and criticism they added: ‘The fact that a public figure chooses to expose some aspects of his or her child’s life in the media does not provide broadcasters with unlimited licence to broadcast comedy that targets humour at such a child’s expense.’

The ruling continued: ‘Ofcom was of the view that the material in question appeared to directly target and mock the mental and physical disabilities of a known eight year-old child who had not himself chosen to be in the public eye.’

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