It’s considered by many to be the greatest sitcom in television history. For years we coveted it. Lusted after it, obsessed about it and considered it rightfully ours. We thought about trying to steal it but in the end we waited. We bided our time, we were patient and now it’s here. FRIENDS, on Comedy Central, in gorgeous HD.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we’re kicking things off with a mammoth Friends weekend featuring the top 50 episodes as chosen by the Comedy Central workforce. All the classic moments are there; from guest stars to flashbacks, vanishing monkeys to ill thought through surrogate triplets.

Find out from 8am on Saturday 1st October on Comedy Central.


Once the dust has settled stay secure in the knowledge that you can watch Friends double bills on Comedy Central at 5pm and 8pm – the same time, just a different channel.

Better looking Friends

Oh, did we mention it’s in proper HD too? It’s in HD too. See every hair on Marcel’s back, every string on Phoebe’s guitar and every chin on Fat Monica’s face the way they were meant to be seen.

So perk up, Friends is back in your life on Comedy Central.

In the meantime here's Joey speaking French:

Phoebe tries her darnedest to teach Joey French. ...

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