Katie Price is seeking a meeting between her son Harvey and stand-up comedian Frankie Boyle following his widely-derided comments about her son on his Channel 4 show Tramadol Nights.

In her latest film-me-doing-anything-I-can-think-of-so-people-might-not-think-I'm-annoying ‘documentary’ Katie Price: Standing up for Harvey the former glamour model aims to ‘explain how the ‘joke’ affected her personally’ and to highlight the realities many families who have disabled children face Digital Spy writes.

She'll also try and encourage the comedian to meet her son face-to-face.

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‘Harvey is a wonderful boy,’ Price said. ‘I am so proud of how he deals every day with his disability. He has been my one constant over the past eight years and, alongside Junior and Princess, remains the most important person in my life.

‘But of course Harvey doesn’t have the voice to defend himself, so through this documentary I hope to encourage other people to appreciate the difficulties that children with disability and their parents face every day.’

Earlier this week it was revealed that Channel 4 chief executive David Abraham personally signed off Frankie Boyle’s offending joke when probed as to why Channel 4 did not offer a full apology after being rapped by Ofcom.

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Abraham said: ‘[Frankie] clearly works at the edge of taste but that is also the place where Channel 4 needs to be, but to be so in a responsible way.

‘We obviously recognise that in that particular case a piece of humour that was contextualised in the programme late at night was then passed on in the media and out of context and did cause a reaction we had not intended.’

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