So, Not Going Out's Lee Mack has bared all for the next series of er, Not Going Out. And we mean, all.


Fans of the show will be seeing a lot more of Lee in the new series of the sitcom, which also stars comedian Tim Vine, Sally Bretton and Katy Wix.

Talking about the series and, his body; Lee told The Sun, "There are a few scenes where I had to strip naked, so I got a spray tan and lost two stone. I went on the Atkins diet for two months - and had mince for breakfast every day for two months."

"I loved it, although I don't think it's particularly healthy. I had the mince with onions and I stank - but I've got three kids now so I can do that."

"I wasn't too bothered about stripping off after losing the weight and getting the tan. It doesn't really bother me because, when you reach a certain age, I've accepted the fact I'm looking towards getting a body like Albert Steptoe."

Oh and another thing, the comic legend that is Bobby Ball will be joining the Not Going Out cast as Lee's character's dad, Frank.

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