Mark Wahlberg is reportedly lining up yet another comedy for his ever-growing comedy repertoire.

Remember how we told you about his new starring role with a foul-mouthed teddy bear called, Ted? Well now he's in negotiations to star in Avon Man, according to our friends at Deadine. Oh, OK according to a link on their site.

Apparently, Huge Jackman (a typo but we'll live with it) was originally going to be the star but now it looks like Marky Mark (can we still call him that? - we like the familiarity it suggests) may step in as a guy who's fired from his job at a car dealership only to get a new job as an Avon lady. But not a lady, an Avon man. Hence the title.

We've always thought that could be our back up career too. At least it would be a way to meet women of a certain age who may be interested in creamy products and lipsticks.

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