The Muppets could be returning to a television near you with news that a weekend teatime chatshow is in the offing.

This is the point where you could say, ‘There’s enough muppets on TV already.’

The news comes on the back of the success of the recent Muppet movie and according to The Mirror, the new show would be a chatshow featuring a host Muppet as well as favourites like Kermit and Miss Piggy.

BBC Entertainment suit, Karl Warner says, ‘It’s a really early doors development, but we have very high hopes.

‘The idea is that it will be very firmly anchored in the world of the chat show, but based around a new character created by the Henson Company.’

We could say there's a long tradition of muppets doing chatshows - think Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton... but we think we could've stretched that lame muppet gag a touch too far.

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