So, the guys over on BBC Three are reportedly putting together a new reality sketch show, featuring no comedians whatsoever. Boo, hiss, etc.

The show will instead feature 'real life characters', made up of a cast who will be hunted down from all over the country, to star in this un-scripted, fictional sketch show.

Thanks to the folk over at Chortle, we've got some quotes for you to gaze over.

BBC's executive entertainment editor, Karl Warner: 'Boom Town will be the first sketch show to make stars out of real people". "Some of the characters we've already met are laugh-out-loud funny and would sit well in any scripted comedy.

"BBC Three is always keen to try trying new things and this feels like an original proposition which we're looking forward to making with [production company] Knickerbockerglory."

Executive producer Jonathan Stadlen: "Using real people to create a documentary sketch show is a unique challenge from a genre point of view, but we are all really excited about working on such a radical departure in terms of form."

"Boom Town sets out to play on the conventions of the comedy sketch show - and I really hope we can pull it off. to create a very different, and hopefully very funny, new genre of TV."

Stay tuned everyone, stay tuned.

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