Joseph Gordon-Levitt is about to work on his comedy directorial debut.

The star of Inception and 500 Days of Summer (but who we'll always love for 3rd Rock from the Sun) is turning his hand to comedy again.

He's also turning his hand to writing and directing too. He's also got someone to finance his debut movie. Which is probably more admirable than the writing and directing part to be fair.

So far, the movie has no name but he's to star and has managed to get Scarlett Johansson into it to play one of the two female roles. This makes us quite interested.

The story is about 'a modern day Don Juan and his journey to become less of a selfish dick'.

Which is an admirable cause. Yes. Well done, Mr JGL.

Production is set to start in Los Angeles on 16th April and we'll be surfing the internet around that date for pictures of Scarlett Johansson as she arrives on set. Mmmm.

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