Keith Lemon is jumping from ITV2 to ITV1 with a new Saturday night primetime show called Lemonaid. We’ll let you add your own ‘round the corner chocolate’s made’ gag in here.

The frontman of Celebrity Juice will be meeting ‘real people with real problems’, which will provide comedic fodder for the star.

In true Lemony style, Keith says: ‘I'm very excited to be in t'living rooms of the lovely ITV1 viewers with me new telly show Lemonaid. Solving people's problems and making dreams come true making me look nice like Cheryl Cole like when she went out to t'troops. She's lovely in'it she not as fit as Kelly Brook though! If anyone has ever dreamed of meeting her let me know I can hook you up, I know her in real life. All t'best!’

And even the team around him are comedians: ITV's commissioning editor of entertainment Claire Zolkwer said: ‘We're absolutely thrilled to be bringing Keith Lemon to the wider ITV1 audience…’ PR-blah-blah but wait for the punchline… ‘It's going to be proper bang tidy!’

There’s going to be six episodes of Lemonaid, which will air this spring.

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