Channel 4 is standing by its decision to repeat Frankie Boyle’s latest episode of Tramadol Nights which included a joke about Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey.

BBC News writes that Ofcom have launched an investigation into the complaint but Channel 4 have defended the right for comedians to ‘push boundaries’.

Shane Allen, Channel 4’s Head of Comedy said: ‘We are aware that Frankie Boyle’s comedy can be very challenging which is why we have gone to careful lengths in scrutinising the material editorially, in scheduling the series appropriately and by giving clear and strong warnings into each of the programmes.

‘We think that it is important that a space on terrestrial TV exists for comedy that takes risks and pushes boundaries and we stand by our original decision to broadcast the programme.’

Meanwhile Price has responded saying: ‘By repeating Frankie Boyle’s show, Channel 4 are embracing and exploiting discrimination.

‘They are saying it is ok to ridicule people - even children - for disability in a way they would not dare over race or sexual orientation.’

She added: ‘By broadcasting these vile sexual comments about Harvey, and then insisting on repeating them, Channel Four are trying to take us back to an era when discrimination was accepted.

‘They mustn’t be allowed to get away with it.’

What do you think? Were Channel 4 wrong to repeat the episode or should people expect to be offended when faced with Frankie’s comedy? Let us know your thoughts below.

Frankie Boyle offends Katie Price after ridiculing her son Harvey

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