We've got it on Sky+, but some reviewers did in fact watch it. And we've pulled together some highlights so you don't have to trawl the internet.

And the response? In general, it wasn't offensive like everyone thought it was going to be, but it wasn't crazy good or Showgirls-bad either. We've got something to say about Ricky Gervais's hair but here's what other people say.

The Guardian said - 'It's a shame. I really wanted it to be good. To shut up the Gervais bashers, for one, who may even be more annoying than Gervais himself. But also - and mainly - because he used to be so good. Remember?'

The Telegraph - 'Derek was, at its heart, nothing if not kind. 4/5 stars'

The Huffington Post - 'We know that, whatever Twitter might tell you and what gaffes he makes when he's feeling too clever, Ricky Gervais is compassionate - his love of animals, his longtime partner, his friends all give him away.'

The Independent - 'If you were feeling very kind indeed, you might want to give Gervais credit for trying. But I don't think you'd conclude that he'd succeeded.'

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