Ricky Gervais has unveiled his new comic creation, Derek in a special screening.

Only journos and specially invited folk who enjoy a nosh on a canapé were invited but some Ricky noise leaked from the screening onto the internet which we’ve lovingly scraped just for you.

Derek is about a man with learning difficulties who lives with his grandmother and aspires to be a standup comic. He’s expecting criticism apparently…

Ricky said, ‘I've never thought of him as disabled. [Derek is] not that bright but... he's cleverer than Baldrick, he's cleverer than Father Dougal, he hasn't got as big a problem as Mr f**king Bean.

Apologies for the bad language btw, don’t show your mum.

’I'd be confused if they didn't [attack Derek]. Every week is the end of my career for the last 20 years. I mean I started on a backlash.

’If you start making [a show] for reviewers or awards or the public, you don't get anywhere. I make it for me.’

Derek costars Karl Pilkington and airs on 21st April on Channel 4.

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