Russell Howard has been talking about his new series of Good News, which made a return to UK television and perchance some digiboxes last night.

The comedian has revealed it's been a lot of pressure trying to please fans - and we mean in a comedic way.

Talking to Digital Spy, he said, 'My personal life suffers. If you do something that has your name on it, it has to be good.

'It's like an extension of your dissertation. I've not worked as hard on anything since being at university. Because it says Russell Howard's Good News it has to be good, or else I just feel terrible about myself.

'So I might as well just do it well. Then see my girlfriend and go on holiday after... try to patch it up.'

We didn't work that hard on our dissertation at uni. Maybe that's why we've underachieved ever since and have low self-esteem.

Anyway, how did you take to the new series of Russell Howard's Good News?

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