The latest leg of Charlie Sheen’s ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’ tour has seen him cross the border into Toronto, Canada where he enlisted the help of stateside favourite Russell Peters.

The comedian took the role as interviewer, but attendees of the show seemed to think he was more interesting than Sheen, writes The Canadian Press.

‘The show wasn't about Charlie Sheen,’ said Mackenzie Risk, who paid $100 for his ticket. ‘It was, like, Russell Peters and as much as Russell Peters is great and he definitely made the show, it was just all about him.’

‘Russell Peters monopolized the evening,’ Jane Baldwin said as she left the show early.

Sheen’s ramshackle show has been hit-or-miss since he started earlier this month in Detroit. It seems he’s either met with standing ovations or angry hecklers when he arrives on stage.

Charlie Sheen's Detroit Violent Torpedo of Truth Show

Charlie Sheen's Detroit Violent Torpedo of Truth Show

Scott Legato

  • Scott Legato




Richard Shekter added: ‘I thought it would be more organized and that he would actually be talking. There’s nothing happening. They’re just making it up as they go along.

‘I wasn’t expecting much but it was less than I was expecting.’

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In previous shows Sheen has said he’d gladly return to Two and a Half Men and in a radio interview he said he’d been in discussions about returning. However TMZ writes that that’s a load of baloney.

In a letter from Warner to Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer they’ve said:

‘Those statements are false. As you know, there have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions regarding his returning to, or having any involvement with, the series.’


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