Sacha Baron Cohen has been promoting The Dictator at CinemaCon, which is an annual US cinema industry event (like you care).

However, he wasn’t just promoting the film as much as promoting the film, dressed as the despot (but this time he chose not to spill ashes over anyone!).

Instead, he addressed the convention with suitable panache, saying, ‘Hello. And death to the West.’

‘It is a pleasure to be here to address Cinnabon. I love movies. In fact, I have starred in every single film made in my country — blockbusters such as When Harry Kidnapped Sally, Beheading Private Ryan, The 14-Year-Old Virgin, and the family comedy Planet of the Rapes.

Hey, you weren’t expecting this to be tasteful, were you?

He said, ‘America, America … you really are the devil’s spawn. I thought I would be the only dictator here tonight, so imagine my surprise when I found out [film producer and DreamWorks Animation’s] Jeffrey Katzenberg was speaking! He rules with an iron fist! Jeffrey, we all follow your every move in the Middle East.’

There were other insults for Disney and their bomb John Carter - you can imagine the angle but before leaving, he told the crowd: ‘I hope you all show my film on all of your screens, but of course it is completely up to you. I would never threaten you. By the way, everyone in the first three rows … Please check under your seats. Is that chewing gum under there? It’s certainly not plastic explosives!’

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