Simon Pegg has ruled out once and for all the possibility of a third series of Spaced.

After just two series that ran between 1999 and 2001, fans have forver been clinging onto the hope that Tim and Daisy may make a rendezvous with Marsha, Brian, Mike, Twist and, of course, Colin once again. But Pegg says enough is enough.

‘To bring it back would be dangerous, in that we could retroactively hurt the original two series,’ he told IGN.

‘Also, the show was very much about being at that age, at that time, in London. You could see those characters again, but I think it would be a shame.’

He added: ‘I wish people would move on and want to see new things. There’s not going to be a Shaun of the Dead 2 either. We’ll do something else [instead].’

Indeed he will. He recently revealed that he, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost are soon to start work on the third movie in their ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ – that’s after of course he finishes up with his Star Trek 2 duties.

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