Simon Pegg is one of those rare talents, successfully making the leap from British comedy to major Hollywood franchises such as Star Trek and Mission Impossible (he will be in Mission Impossible 4) and soon he will be seen in Steven Spielberg’s Tintin.

The notoriously private actor met up with The Observer to discuss this skyrocketing success as well as his memoir Nerd Do Well.

Having been on our screens for ages with the legendary sitcom Spaced, his new book covers his childhood passions for Star Wars, his brief foray into stand up and his friendship with Nick Frost.

Pegg met Nick Frost when he was working as a waiter in a Mexican restaurant through an ex-girlfriend of Pegg’s who thought they might get on.

That enduring friendship, similar to the one shown in Spaced (with video and gaming sessions), lives on and the two worked together subsequently on Shaun of the Dead. The two can also been seen in sci-fi comedy Paul soon, click here to see trailer.

So just how private is Simon Pegg?

"We didn't tell anyone my wife was pregnant or that she'd given birth," he says, "but journalists found out and it was printed – 'Shaun of the Dad', very nice headline, thank you the Mail. “

“It's not like I'm pathologically private, and I don't really have any secrets, but I just feel you have to hold on to something of yourself." He told The Observer. His usual trick is to turn personal questions into conversation about his dog, Minnie.

With a book and all these movies coming out, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the very private Simon Pegg...

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