Two Simpsons fans have broken the Guinness World Record for continuous television viewing. Guess what they were watching.

Yes, Californians Jeremiah Franco and Carin Shreve were the last fans standing in a Simpson Ultimate Fan Marathon where they were subjected to, sorry, enjoyed hours upon hours of the show.

The event was held at Hollywood & Highland at the weekend and celebrates the show's forthcoming 500th episode.

Call us old-fashioned but we rather hoped that the Guinness World Record was a voluntary 'well done, you' kind of event rather than a marketing sell-through proposition but sadly, ladies and gentleman, we guess this is the kind of world we live in nowadays.

Anyway, Franco and Shreve watched over 86 hours and 37 minutes of Simpsons episodes and took home exclusive Simpsons 500th episode merchandise and a $10,500 grand prize. That is some prize. The money that is.

But it begs so many questions: Were they allowed a little nap? Did they have refreshment during those 86 hours? Where did they go to the toilet? Were they watching from on a commode?

Not to mention the bigger question: will they watch a show ever again?

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