They say never work with children and animals but tonight the EastEnders producers thought live TV and fire was a good mix. But what could have turned into a real life episode of Casualty actually went swimmingly. Boring.

It all went down during a special live segment in Monday night's episode. Did you see it? If you did, what the hell were you thinking? You should have been watching The Daily Show on Comedy Central Extra. Albert Square's despressing. Jon Stewart's not. Don't make the same mistake again.

For those of you who missed the live EastEnders special (because you were watching The Daily Show, you lovely - probably sexy - loyal viewers) here's what happened. The Olympic torch paid a visit to E20 as Billy Mitchell carried it past Albert Square's many grotty landmarks, including The Queen Vic. And some of you missed Jon Stewart for that? Shame on you. Personally we preferred the fiery episode when the Dagmar burnt down.

So what is it with TV shows choosing to film live episodes? ER did it many moons ago before Clooney went Hollywood, Neighbours probably did it at some point between Mrs Mangle leaving and Toadfish arriving and 30 Rock has of course done it twice. Well, we think we've cracked it. Doing a live episode of a show is always a ratings winner as people tune in for one reason and one reason only: they want to see something go wrong.

That's why we love those It'll be Alright on the Night-type clipshows. We revel in the comedy that arises from chaos. And that's why we love Dancing on Ice. We're just waiting for the day when someone faceplants onto the ice so badly they'll be eating soup for the rest of the year. Or is that just us? Come on, we won't be the only ones kinda hoping one of the hurdlers trips over at the Olympics, will we? Hello? Anyone? Bueller?

Oh, we feel a bit bad now.

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