Tim Lovejoy has photographed himself in his pants for Twitter, thus bringing some love and some joy to at least some of the population. And maybe none to others.

Tim Lovejoy, for your information, is a 'man on the telly', previously responsible for Something For The Weekend and now its new incarnation as Sunday Brunch - not a man responsible for adventures with antiques in the late 80s and early 90s as we first thought. That was a TV comedy-drama starring Ian McShane.

So, the story is that Tim Lovejoy took a photo of himself in his pants for his girlfriend then tweeted it instead of DMing it. Oh yes, we've all done that, haven't we.?

If you go on to his profile on Twitter, you can experience the whole sorry story in reverse:

'I'm an idiot and I have to say I deserve the p*ss taking for my accident. My favourite was "Tim, even @officialtulisa is blushing at that"'

'I think I should go to bed now and hang my head in shame. Hopefully when I wake up it would have all gone away. *putshandstogetherandprays'

'Holy f*ck. Was showing my girlfriend I was wearing my lucky pants for her match tonight and shared it with the whole of twitter. #Blushing'

And if you search a little harder maybe you can even find the kind of pictorial pantie lovejoy you need in your life.

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