Comedian and co-writer of Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights Tom Stade has offered his opinion on the Harvey joke controversy that has blighted the show claiming that it wasn’t an attack.

In an interview with TNT Magazine Stade addressed the concern that was raised over that fact that Harvey couldn’t defend himself:

‘Well it’s not a defence thing, because it doesn’t happen. This is the thing about ideas - it’s just an idea that’s thrown out there, it’s not an attack, it’s a ‘what if’. Every joke is a ‘what if’ … nobody hates Harvey, if you know what I mean.

‘Me, Jim [Muir – co-writer] and Frankie are just sitting there going ‘I wonder what the fuck we can write that will absolutely piss everyone off?’ and we seem to have achieved that.’

On whether any topics should be off-limits he said: ‘I think when it becomes off-limits is when it’s not funny, when nobody laughs. You could have the darkest joke in the world and if everyone laughs at it then it’s not off-limits.’

But in fine comic form he sarcastically jabbed at Katie Price: ‘She’s, like, a really good role model to tell people what she thinks. She can just go and have a fit if she wants because she’s not part of my life.’

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