Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights could be facing the chop if rumours are to be believed.

The Daily Mail (here we go…) claims that sources close to Jay Hunt, Channel 4’s Chief Creative Officer, think she has no intention to recommission the show after the trouble it caused in December.

The six part series found itself in the midst of an Ofcom investigation last year after Boyle angered Katie Price after making a joke about her disabled son Harvey.

The show was also recently voted by the public as the Worst British TV Sketch Show in the 2010 Awards.

‘It is a reality check for Frankie and a sign he is no longer a top priority for Channel 4,’ a ‘source’ told the Mail, however a Channel 4 spokesperson said: ‘No decision has been made on the future of Frankie Boyle’s series.’

Boyle isn’t due to make an appearance at this Saturday’s British Comedy Awards either after reportedly deciding not to attend when he was told he wasn’t being involved in any of the on-stage antics.

The source added: ‘He threw his toys out of the pram and told bosses he had no intention of going to the awards, which didn’t go down well either.’

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